Prescriptions, recommendations and declarations of the manufacturer for compliance to EC Directive concerning variable speed servomotors.

– Declaration of conformity for the LVD directive.

– Recycling: all packaging of the motors and the packing tape are biodegradable.


CE Directives are construction directives aiming at assuring a common quality, usability and safety for the goods produced and distributed inside the European Community. The Directives contain some general directory related to the technical features and the pertinent certifications of the industrial products and they will be gradually converted in laws in every member state of the European Community. As a consequence, the certification issued in any member state of the European Community is valid in every other state. In consideration of the general aspect of the Directives, their technical application is detailed by appropriate harmonised regulations (EN) now under preparation.

The conformity of a product or component to the CE Directives is certified by affixing the CE mark on the product. The CE marked product has free access in every member state of the Community. Since most of the Directives does not provide for a certificate of conformity to be issued, it is not clearly evident to the user which is the directive applied to every CE marked product.

Concerning the brushless drive, or the brushless motors, identified as components of drive systems, the only directive considering these products as components is the LVD (Low Voltage Directive). For this reason, the CE mark on the ULTRACT motors expressly refers to the LVD.

As to the EMCD directive, no specific regulations are in force related to the components of drive systems, since the overall emission originated by a machine can not be directly compared to the values issued by each component. In order to support the system integrators, the ULTRACT motors, coupled by means of the AX4 drives, have been adjusted and verified basing on a reference system, described in the drive documentation (see ref.), whose compliance to the relevant regulations to the system level has been accurately verified and it is fully assured.


LVD directive applies to all electrical appliances operating between 50 and 1.000 V AC and between 75 and 1.500 V DC in areas which are not subject to particular conditions. The directive is not referred to applications under particular atmosphere and/or anti-explosion equipment; furthermore the directive is not applied to lifting equipment.

The main goal of the directive consists in assuring a uniform level of electrical safety in consideration of the user’s risk and of the possible damage to property; the directive provides for the product to be supported by documents both in consideration of the safety and the applied prescriptions.


Transport, installation and use of the driver is restricted to expressly trained and skilled personnel (IEC 60364).

The opening of the motor protections, namely a defective installation, may cause injury to the persons and damages to the installation.

The motors may have rotating, hot and inside elements under tension; this situation is likely to occur even when the feeding mains is off.

The motors utilize strong permanent magnets. Never disassemble the rotor before the necessary precautions have been duly taken.


Ultract II motors have been developed for use in electrical control boards and when driving variable speed motors.

The system integrator will operate the driver only provided it has been proved that the complete installation fully complies with EMCD 89/336/EEC directive – 98/37/EEC directive on machinery.

The motors comply with LVD 73/23/CEE.

During installation, fulfil with the data stated in the product documentation.


Verify compliance with the assembly and cooling prescriptions.

Verify that the motors do not show evidence of any damage caused in transit which may interfere with the electrical safety.

During operation under tension, meet with the local regulations on accident prevention.

Verify that the correct sections and insulation of the cables according to the regulations in force have been chosen.

In case differential protection switches are used, consider that, since generally the drive utilize a direct current input bridge, a malfunction with absorption in CC may occur, which can cause a conventional electromechanical differential to block. Therefore it is safer and recommended to use differentials which are sensitive to CC or universal dispersions, too. In addition to this, since the condensers used inside the RFI drive filters originate dispersion currents towards mass, these currents must be evaluated when considering the dimensions of the switches.

NOTE – When the power cables between the drive and the motor have a length exceeding 20 meters, the appropriate 1 mH value inductances must be applied.
Irrespective of the CE mark on the motors, compliance of the operated system with the EMC regulation falls under the responsibility of the system integrator. Information and recommendations on filtration and wiring, useful to obtain such a conformity, are stated in the drive documentation.


Referred to EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/CEE

We hereby certify that the motors of the ULTRACT and LYRA line have been designed, manufactured and tested according to the EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/CEE under the responsibility of:

R.C.V. s.r.l.
V. Cavour, 7 z.i.

Applied standards are the following:

IEC 72/1, 34/1, 34/5, 34/11
EN 60034 – 1 + VAR A1 + VAR A2
EN 60529
EN 50262
CEE 73/23



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