The drives based on rare earth permanent magnet brushless motors represent the motorizations offering the top dynamic performances working at the highest torque and specific power available nowadays.

The progressive replacement with brushless motors of the most traditional DC parasitic current, inverter or hydraulic drives on automatic machinery allows a qualitative leap in the achievable performances, above all referred to duration of the cycle, accuracy in tracking and actuating, dynamics and operation lifetime.

However, such a revolution in the motorizations requires the potentiality of the new driver to be fully understood and widely utilised either inside the system or in the single machine in use.

Indeed, a replacement of the old motorization with the new brushless motors which has not been accurately evaluated may lead to huge problems on board of machines which have not been expressly studied to incorporate that kind of dynamics and sometimes even damage the system instead of improving it.

The present guide has been worked out with the aim to offer an operative instrument for the installation of the system carried out by operators who are not used to these motors and to their features, in order that feasibility of every new application can be rapidly defined. In order to attain the full efficiency of important applications, it is strongly recommended to contact directly the manufacturer.


Referred to EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/CEE

We hereby certify that the motors of the ULTRACT and LYRA line have been designed, manufactured and tested according to the EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/CEE under the responsibility of:

R.C.V. s.r.l.
V. Cavour, 7 z.i.

Applied standards are the following:

IEC 72/1, 34/1, 34/5, 34/11
EN 60034 – 1 + VAR A1 + VAR A2
EN 60529
EN 50262
CEE 73/23



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