R.C.V. is a production company specialised in the designing and manufacturing of top quality electrical appliances.

R.C.V. was established in the year 1947 in Venaria Reale (TO), where it started its activity for the service industries with the development and servicing of electrical motors. In 1968 the production of direct current electrical motors under its own mark label was set up.
In the forthcoming years, their product catalogue has been further enlarged with the addition of special machines designed according to the Customer’s specific requirements and featuring performances at very high power range, too.
In 1989, in conjunction with the launch of the first range of brushless servomotors (ULTRACT), a very important turning point occurred in the company’s life.

The more comprehensive and advanced range has opened up new widest horizons thus allowing to achieve significant results in different application fields.

In a short time R.C.V. has attained a high specialization in the field of brushless motors (three-phase synchronous motors with sintered rare earth permanent magnets, featuring very low inertia). These new technologically advanced appliances are still representing the ideal combination of great reliability, top performances and cost-effective operating costs.
In 1996 R.C.V. moved to the new production plant conveniently located in the industrial area of (TO).

The planning of innovative solutions as the axial air gap brushless servomotors (LYRA range), and the motorized rollers (brushless motors with outfitted rotor – RULLACT range) dates back to the same period.
Thanks to the wide experience gained in the mechanic field, the technical staff of R.C.V. has developed the first brushless generators and at present they are striving to consolidate their leading position with the addition of a new complete line including ultra-flat LYRA axial (FLAT), available with hollow axis (HS – Hollow Shaft), too.

A very important and distinctive feature offered by R.C.V. is the ability to develop in strict co-operation with the Customer the most appropriate solution tailored to suit any specific requirement. Thanks to this further achievement, R.C.V. has become the fundamental partner for lots of industries in the most disparate fields, especially the textile one.

R.C.V. has always allocated significant resources to the quality of the product considered as the true winning weapon in the strong competition on the market. Pursuing this aim, they have always complied with the strictest internal procedures and they have been one of the first companies to work with a view to the “Total Quality” and in 2000 they achieved certification according to quality.

RCV contact point for USA, Canada and Mexico is NOELCO INC.




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Very frequently, the expertise and readiness of the skilled R.C.V. staff combined to the flexibility of the manufacturing process …


The manufacturing process in our company  is so well organised allowing to carry out the highest number of operations directly in site …


In this section we present some applications of R.C.V engines, including some made for the Mechanical  sector and others …



R.C.V. is conveniently located in the industrial area of Robassomero, a town on the outskirts of Turin.

Coming from Aosta (A5) and Milan (A4) motorway, take the Turin highway – southward direction, if arriving from the Fréjus (A32), from Piacenza (A21) or from Savona (A6), drive north.

Exit “Venaria – stadio” and turn left at the lights, direction to Lanzo.

Cross the built-up area of Venaria and drive the S.P. (Provincial Road) No. 1 for 8 km approximately, you will run along the perimeter wall of the Regional Parc of “La Mandria”, up to the lights of the industrial area of Robassomero.

Turn right, at the first street turn right again and you will reach Cavour street where R.C.V. is located.