Available options for ULTRACT servomotors

Thermal protection
- KTY84 linear thermal probe for the steady monitoring of the temperature of the motor
- TSafety thermal probe

Overhanging end of the shaft
It can be carried out featuring geometry and machining tolerance upon request

Shaft with key
Possible execution but not recommended for dynamics applications or in case of load inertia higher than the motor inertia

B14 flange or B3 execution

IP65 with sealing on the shaft and oil exhaust by means of direct fitment on the reducers

Seek sensor
- digital encoder 120°C, with line driver output, with switching traces. Available resolutions: 1024 - 2048 - 4096 impulses/revolution

- New Heidenhain single-turn and multi-turn inductive encoders , (4096), fitted with ENDAT fully digital serial interface eliminating any interference problems on analogue wirings, 1' intrinsic precision, 17 bit/rev. precision

- Absolute sinusoidal optical encoder (ERN 1385, precision 20")

- Two-pole resolver

- Hall sensor per to commute under torque control mode

Safety and parking brake
Rare earth permanent magnet allowing to operate without ferodo (brake friction component); in such a way the problem of pollution of the motor inside hollow due to wear out of the components is ideally solved
Braking couple-fareast >= Tn

Additional inertia
Possibility of execution and assembly of an additional inertiato compensate the elastic transmissions and the allowances between the motor and the load

Dual shaft outlet
According to the type of machine and to the seek sensor in use

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